• person: do you watch glee?
  • me: ... I don't know you well enough to have this conversation.

you are the best thing that’s ever been mine




what if your phobias are based off how you died in a past life

Why is this not getting around faster


Camila acting out her favorite emoji and Lauren mocking her


Hi beautiful people of Philly, I’m SO sorry I wasn’t able to be at the meet and greet this afternoon. I wasn’t feeling well AT ALL, I tried to make it and push the time further but I was feeling really sick and wasn’t able to. Thank God I am better now but I really am SO sorry. I wanted to hug all of you and I’m sad that I didn’t get to.

I will be able to make the show tonight, but as y’all know Camila will not be able to. Please keep her in prayer okay?? <3 Thank you so much everybody. Really appreciate it. I love you all more than I can say.

— Ally’s TwitLonger (via fifthharmonynews)


camila is going to miss the show tonight bc she’s in the hosp i can only imagine how sad she’s feeling rn sicky and sad puppy


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Ally talking about the San Antonio Spurs


please unmute this vine


Cutie ♥